• We will interview you about your products and services and provide you with an audio recording of the interview (mp3 and CD), as well as a transcript..
  • We can organize, facilitate and record tele-seminars for you, providing you with downloadable or physical audio products to sell.
  • If you're an author, we can organize, facilitate and record a Virtual Book Tour or Book Club and provide you with audio products to sell.

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" Working with Linda Binns and Fast Start Information Products, Linda helped create an interview that helps me share what I am up to in my businesses and not feel like I'm sharing. It really was easy and painless. 

Now I have an audio and a transcript to help share what I do with others. 

If you are someone who loves what you do and you want to reach more people, give Linda a call and get her hear/read program (they can HEAR your audio interview or READ your audio interview transcript) a chance to help you share what you do so you can reach more people and make more money!"

Karen Hoffman
The Idea Coach

If you're an author, speaker, small business owner or expert in any field, you need to have Information Products.

Wouldn't it be great if others really understood the depth of your expertise, your passion and how you can help them? You don't have time to do that when you meet someone and a visitor to your web site will leave in seconds if they don't see something that grabs their attention right away.

Information Products can help establish you as an expert, give you the opportunity to explain what you do and make you more money.

Listen to this audio for further information:

Over the years, many people have asked for advice and guidance on creating Information Products. Very few have taken action. The reason - it's overwhelming, time-consuming and expensive to learn.


I want to make it easy by doing it for you. Most people want the results without the hassle. That's why I started Fast Start Information Products - you don't have to worry about the how, you simply enjoy the benefits of having your own Information Products created for you in a professional and stress-free way.

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